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Investigative Journalist Arrested for J6 Reporting

via Blaze TV
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Journalist Steve Baker was detained by the FBI and transported to a Texas courthouse in shackles to face nonviolent misdemeanor charges related to entering the Capitol on January 6th.

Baker’s arrest is seen by some as retaliation for his investigative reporting that raises questions about the events of January 6th and casts politicians and authorities in an unflattering light.

Baker said, “I had to march in, in front of everybody with leg chains on.”

“That was not my favorite moment in life. Just a deliberate humiliation. It was something they didn’t have to do,” said Baker.

William Shipley, Baker’s lead attorney said, “Absolutely, stunningly ridiculous on misdemeanor charges.”

“I could not get an explanation for why it was necessary for Steve to go to the FBI,” said Shipley.

Shipley continued, “We considered defying that demand and have him simply appear at the courthouse and go to the U.S. Marshal’s Office for processing.”

Baker said, “There’s nothing in there about my behavior.”

He continued, “It’s all about my words. Everything. It’s all about stuff I said before, stuff I said after, and that’s it. No more complicated than that.”

Specifically, Baker reported that a plainclothes Capitol police officer found the inert pipe bomb at DNC headquarters, and that Nancy Pelosi’s security chief may have given false testimony in the seditious conspiracy case against Oath Keepers.

Baker’s perp walk treatment has been condemned by figures like Glenn Beck, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and J. Michael Waller, who note a New York Times reporter on January 6th faced no charges.

Owen Shroyer of InfoWars, said, “I knew Democrats would arrest more journalists after my sentencing & incarceration.”

Shroyer said, “I did spend some time in jail & cuffs when I turned myself in but was let out later that day. I hope the same for [Steve Baker], but this doesn’t look good. Will Republicans in Congress stay silent again & let this continue?”

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene said, “The Biden regime just arrested journalist Steve Baker for covering Jan 6.”

Greene said, “Owen Shroyer was locked up as well. Free Press is dead in America when the government jails journalists who refuse to report the regime’s political agenda and lies.”

Glenn Beck said, “I’m experiencing a day I never thought I would experience in America. A company I founded is under attack by the government.”

J. Michael Waller said, “The fifth person through a broken window to enter the Capitol was a New York Times journalist and they are not being charged.”

Waller said, “Steve Baker did not enter through a broken window. He entered through an open door.”

Some fear Baker’s arrest could set a precedent for jailing more journalists who question official narratives.

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