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Texas Residents Unhappy With Biden’s Border Visit

via Fox News
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Ahead of President Biden’s visit to Brownsville, Texas to assess the border crisis, residents expressed unhappiness with his policies.

While crossings have recently dropped in that sector, a local resident said Biden will see a “dog and pony show” as the area prepares for a festival.

Deborah Bell said, “The residents, the agents, everybody’s talking about how this is gonna be a dog and pony show.”

“He’s coming at a wonderful time. We’re in the middle of a Charro Days festival, which is a celebration between Matamoros, Mexico, and Brownsville, Texas. And so things are going to look nice. The downtown area is already cleaned up, roped off. We’re getting ready to have some really great parades and some real cultural celebration going on here,” she continued.

Bell added, “So things are already going to look nice, but whatever needs to be fixed will be fixed, obviously, for President Biden.” continued.

Bell shared, “I have a resident, in an area in South-most Brownsville that sent me a video. Very unhappy.”

She continued, “You see these people, all the immigrants lined up on the other side, which is the American side still, but nevertheless, we have a wall there built to deter them. And when the federal government comes to pick them up, they enter the pass code and open the fence and then load them on the buses and take them to the nearest processing center. It doesn’t make logical sense.”

She shared video of an alleged cartel drug drop, reflecting the real impacts.

While Biden aims to promote Senate border legislation, the resident insisted the community won’t welcome him given lowered crossings but rising voter turnout favoring Republicans.

Biden is expected to “reiterate his calls for Congressional Republicans to stop playing politics and to provide the funding needed for additional U.S. Border Patrol agents, more asylum officers, fentanyl detection technology and more.”

Bell said, “People are not happy that he is choosing right now of all times to come to Brownsville.”

She continued, “Crossings are down, but voting numbers are up and people are not happy down here.”

Bell celebrated, “In the past eight years, we’ve had the highest Republican turnout show up in Cameron County. We’ve had some really great grassroots movement here, and I think the nation is taking notice.”

Bell concluded, “I think Biden’s taking notice that the trend down here is shifting and people are very unhappy with what’s going on.”

Border encounters under Biden so far exceed the population of New Mexico.

The resident, running for local GOP chair, said protests are planned, as people feel Biden has damaged the country and only wants to survey the effects rather than enact real solutions.

His visit comes as cross-border traffic has lessened but Republican support has grown in the region.

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