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House Majority Whip: Biden Has ‘Blood on His Hands’ Over Crimes of Illegal Aliens

via Rep. Tom Emmer
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House Majority Whip Tom Emmer criticized President Biden’s refusal to curb the migrant crisis, saying it means he “has blood on his hands” over illegal immigrant murders.

Emmer said Biden only talks about border security due to its political liability.

He called Biden’s border visit a “photo op” as over 8 million illegals have crossed due to Biden’s policies.

Emmer cited 64 executive actions undermining security.

He said Biden is responsible for fentanyl deaths and murders like that of Laken Riley allegedly by Jose Antonio Ibarra, who was released after crossing illegally.

Ibarra had prior arrests but wasn’t turned over to ICE due to sanctuary policies.

“This is their number one issue is this invasion at the southern border. You got eight to ten million illegals that have come across our southern border because of Joe Biden and border chief Alejandro Mayorkas,” Emmer said.

Emmer added, “But that’s why I think he’s [Biden] flailing at this thing. And the people around him think they can just do some photo op.”

Emmer said Biden “has blood on his hands” and Republicans passed a bill to secure the border through wall funding, asylum reform, ending catch-and-release and restoring Trump-era policies.

“It’s just now finally being reported by more than just one news [organization] out there because these are such gruesome crimes, but you’ve had because of Joe Biden’s open border policy, you have had a planeload of Americans like two to 300 a day – which would be a tragedy if we lost a plane with that many people – that you’re losing two to 300 Americans a day to fentanyl overdoses. And, the fentanyl as everybody knows is coming right across our southern border. So Joe Biden has caused death and destruction,” he said.

Biden “has blood on his hands. So does this entire administration, because they have not done the job of sealing the border and protecting Americans and their property,” Emmer said.

Emmer noted, “It finishes the wall, too. It reforms parole, the president’s authority to decide who comes in and how many on an annual basis, it reforms asylum. It ends catch and release and it restores Remain in Mexico and our Customs and Border Patrol will tell you that just the last one, Remain in Mexico, would staunch the flow by 70%.”

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