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Gun Debate: Dems Demand Mandatory Liability Insurance

via NBC News
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Colorado Democrats are advancing legislation that would require gun owners to purchase liability insurance, even if they only own a firearm for home defense.

“Failure to buy the extra coverage would face a $500 fine for the first offense and $1,000 for the second,” according to FOX News.

Failure to obtain the insurance could result in fines.

The proposal exempts those unable to afford coverage or denied by multiple insurers.

While supporters argue it promotes responsible gun ownership, critics counter that the mandate amounts to an additional tax on gun ownership.

The Denver Gazette noted the requirement “permits a person who was denied firearm liability insurance by 2 or more insurers or a person who is indigent and cannot afford the insurance to petition a court for an order declaring that the person is excused from the firearm liability insurance requirement.”

Critics describe the bill as “gun control by another name.”

The bill would create a scenario where gun owners face monetary penalties if they do not purchase the mandated “extra coverage,” according to reports, fueling opposition who view it as gun control by another name.

The requirement is being pushed by several Democratic state legislators.

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