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Eric Swalwell Expertly Roasts Donald Trump During Exchange With Hunter Biden

via Forbes
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During his questioning of Hunter Biden in the impeachment inquiry, Rep. Eric Swalwell took shots at Donald Trump over nepotism and corruption allegations.

Swalwell asked Biden if his father Joe Biden ever operated hotels where foreign nationals spent millions while he was in office, employed family in the White House, received tens of trademarks from China, tried to install family as head of the DNC, or struck multibillion dollar deals with Saudi Arabia – all nodding to controversies around Trump.

Rep. Eric Swalwell said, “Any time your father was in government, prior to the Presidency or before, did he ever operate a hotel?”

Hunter Biden said, “No, he has never operated a hotel.”

Rep. Swalwell said, “So he’s never operated a hotel where foreign nationals spent millions at that hotel while he was in office?”

Biden said, “No, he has not.”

Rep. Swalwell said, “Did your father ever employ in the Oval Office any direct family member to also work in the Oval Office?”

Biden said, “My father has never employed any direct family members, to my knowledge.”

Rep. Swalwell said, “While your father was President, did anyone in the family receive 41 trademarks from China?”

Biden said, “No.”

Rep. Swalwell said, “As President and the leader of the party, has your father ever tried to install as the chairperson of the party a daughter-in-law or anyone else in the family?”

Biden said, “No. And I don’t think that anyone in my family would be crazy enough to want to be the chairperson of the DNC.”

When Swalwell asked if Joe Biden had ever been fined over $350 million by a state he worked in, Hunter Biden responded “No, he has not, thank God.”

Rep. Swalwell said, “Has your father ever in his time as an adult been fined $355 million by any State that he worked in?”

Biden said, “No, he has not, thank God.”

Rep. Swalwell said, “Anyone in your family ever strike a multibillion dollar deal with the Saudi Government while your father was in office?”

Biden said, “No.”

The exchange allowed Swalwell to implicitly criticize Trump while clearing Hunter Biden of Republican accusations against his father.

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