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MSNBC Guest Melts Down Over SCOTUS Decision: ‘They Will Help Trump’

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MSNBC guest contributor Elie Mystal expressed concern over the U.S. Supreme Court’s consideration of former President Trump’s immunity from prosecution.

Mystal criticized the court’s perceived alignment with the Republican Party and urged Democrats to take action.

“At some point, people in the media, people at home, and people sitting in the White House have to stop pretending that the Supreme Court is some kind of benign, trying-to-do-its-best institution and start to realize that there are six Republicans – not conservatives, Republicans – on the Supreme Court who view it as their job to help the Republican Party,” Mystal said.

He warned that the court could impact various issues, including abortion rights and gun control.

“Until we do something about that, until we take away that power, until we draw the line on them there, they will continue to do this,” he said.

“They will help Trump. They will take away abortion rights. They will end affirmative action. They will liberalize gun rights. They will do all of it… and somebody needs to start listening in the higher echelons of the Democratic Party,” he added.

Despite the Biden administration’s opposition, Trump’s legal team hopes for a favorable ruling.

If unsuccessful, Trump may employ legal tactics to delay his cases.

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