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Joe Rogan Reacts to New Tesla Robots: ‘This Is Nuts’

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Podcaster Joe Rogan expressed both awe and concern over Tesla’s humanoid robot Optimus after seeing a demonstration of its capabilities.

While impressed by its dexterous finger movements and ability to perform tasks like manipulating an egg, Rogan envisioned a dystopian future where thousands emerge from ships armed for warfare.

“God [expletive] it Elon, what are you doing?” Rogan said.

“This is I, Robot,” he quipped.

“Wow! This is nuts… I love the fact that it can extend its fingers, it’s moving its hands exactly like a person does.”

“Stay tuned to see what Optimus will do next,” Rogan said. “I’ll tell you what Optimus will do next — it’s going to come out of an aircraft carrier, thousands of them, with machine guns.”

This prompted discussion of investment opportunities in robotics and AI companies like Tesla, which Musk says is primarily an AI company though seen as automotive.

UiPath is a prominent robotics process automation firm held by Ark Invest ETFs, while Rockwell Automation focuses on industrial automation and has grown through acquisitions but sees choppy stock performance.

While robotics raise challenges, these companies present opportunities for growth in automating tasks.

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