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Human AI Cloning Set to Mark Pivotal Moment in Evolution

via Pixabay
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A top psychic, Athos Salomé, predicts the emergence of artificial intelligence-created human clones as a significant moment in human evolution.

He highlighted the intertwining of replicas with AI in concealed research facilities, emphasizing the complexities and ethical dilemmas arising from this development.

“This is a pivotal moment in human evolution. While cloning is already a reality for species it remains a topic when applied to humans, yet introducing AI into this equation further complicates dilemmas and philosophical inquiries. Advanced AI with the ability to mimic consciousness and emotions when integrated into a cloned entity raises questions, about identity, autonomy and the fundamental essence of humanity,” Salomé said.

Athos envisions a future where the understanding of life will be re-evaluated, warning of potential hazardous outcomes from manipulating life and consciousness.

“I envision an era on the horizon where our understanding of life, intelligence and consciousness will undergo a re-evaluation, however there are also risks involved and the manipulation of life and consciousness could result in potentially hazardous outcomes.”

Despite not specifying the risks, he reflected on his psychic abilities and previous career as a model scout, tracing his paranormal journey back to his great-grandfather’s mystical legacy.

“For many years, I worked as a model scout, seeking individuals who had the potential to grace the fashion runways. This role was my most recent professional engagement. I hail from a quaint town called Cláudio in Minas Gerais, Brazil, and currently reside in Divinópolis, a neighbouring city,” he said.

“My journey into the paranormal began unfolding when I was just 12. Being a great-grandson of gypsies, I inherited this legacy from my great-grandfather, who was renowned for his expertise in the mystical arts.”

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