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Jimmy Kimmel Uncovers Trump’s Weirdest Obsession Yet

via Jimmy Kimmel
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Late night host Jimmy Kimmel mocked Donald Trump for another bizarre tangent during a phone interview where Trump ranted at length about water conservation.

Kimmel said, “He goes from screaming about issues Americans actually do care about to yelling about things that don’t even exist.”

He continued, “For whatever reason, he is fixated on water conservation. He’s against it, by the way.”

Kimmel played a clip of Trump rambling about people not having enough water for their washing machines, which Kimmel noted Trump has fixated on for years despite never doing laundry himself.

Kimmel said the idea of Trump loading a dishwasher or washing dishes would be hilarious to see, then jokingly proposed a reality show concept around Trump performing domestic tasks since he portrays himself as a man of the people but likely has no experience with chores.

“For a man who has never done his own laundry he is very concerned about this washing,” joked the late night host.

He added, “You think this man of the people has ever loaded a washing machine? Or a dryer? Or washed a dish? Or rinsed anything other than his filthy boxers in a hotel sink to get the smell of hooker off? Not a chance!”

The segment lampooned Trump’s tendency to go off on nonsensical rants unrelated to important issues.

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