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Some ‘Jeopardy!’ fans vow to never watch again over question

via Ken loves 88

An episode of the game show Jeopardy featured a $600 clue about neopronouns such as “xem/xyrs/xemself”, sparking controversy among some viewers.

While the host and contestants moved on quickly, many fans expressed outrage on social media, suggesting the show had become too “woke”.

Others applauded including neopronouns without stigma.

One X user asked, “So, in order to win at Jeopardy, you need to be able to keep up with whatever bull the wokes are coming up with?”

“I would answer by turning off the television, never watching that [expletive] show again,” wrote a critic.

“So much for Jeopardy,” read another complaint.

Another user claimed, “The woke crowd has claimed another. That’s OK. I have my King James Bible to read. Like God, that will never change.”

Thousands discussed the moment online, with both critics and supporters of the clue.

Some critics invoked the late host Alex Trebek, arguing he would not have allowed such a question.

In a separate viral moment from a prior episode, a contestant mistakenly identified a photo of figure skater Scott Hamilton as Mary Lou Retton, amusing viewers on social media.

The neopronoun clue in particular polarized Jeopardy fans and sparked a broader debate online.

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