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Joe Biden Says ‘Our Plan Is Working’ On Combating Crime

via Inside Edition
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President Biden touted his crime policies at a White House meeting with police chiefs, claiming “our plan is working.”

Biden said, “As president, public safety and crime reduction are a top priority for my administration.”

“Our plan is working. We still have much more to do as everyone at this table knows. And that’s why we’re here today. My administration is going to choose progress over politics, and communities across the country are safer as a result [of] policy. There is no greater responsibility to ensure the safety of families, children, communities, and our nation,” continued the President.

However, his remarks came amid reports of crimes committed by unvetted migrants released at the border under his policies.

Incidents included murders in Georgia and Virginia as well as robberies and thefts linked to migrant gangs.

Former President Trump highlighted the new problem of “migrant crime” caused by Biden’s “Mass Migration” policies.

Trump recently revealed, “We have a new category, migrant crime, and it’s going to be more severe than violent crime and crime as we knew it.”

Sen. Marco Rubio also blamed rising crime on the impacts of unchecked illegal immigration.

Sen. Rubio said, “This is a Mass Migration … No other country in the world would tolerate it.”

He added, “And we are paying the price for it right now in realm time with real American [crime] victims.”

Reporters questioned Biden about migrant crime but he did not address it.

Critics argue Democrats helped start a historic crime wave while backing anti-police rhetoric, challenging Biden’s view that he has reduced violence.

A January poll found voters viewed Trump as stronger than Biden on dealing with crime, undermining the Democrats’ campaign message that they offer superior policies in this area where they face weaknesses.

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