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‘Daily Show’ Guest Host Michael Kosta Slams Supreme Court

via The Daily Show
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On The Daily Show, guest host Michael Kosta proposed a new legal theory called “looking at something with your [expletive] eyes” in reaction to the Supreme Court hearing oral arguments about bump stocks.

The court was debating whether guns with bump stocks can be considered illegal machine guns under federal law based on technical questions about trigger functions versus pulls.

“I’d like to suggest we approach this case with my new legal theory. It’s called looking at something with your [expletive] eyes,” Kosta said.

Kosta argued that instead of legal debates, the court could simply look at a gun firing 5,000 rounds per second and see that it is clearly a machine gun.

“For instance, if a gun can fire 5,000 rounds a second, you can debate firing mechanisms, or you can look with your [expletive] eyes and see that it’s a machine gun.”

He added this theory could also apply to debates over issues like in vitro fertilization, saying the court could look at a cluster of cells in a Petri dish and see it is not a person.

“You could debate viability or conception, or you could just look with your [expletive] eyes and see if this is a cluster of cells in a Petri dish, not a person, OK?” Kosta said.

“Do I have to take this Petri dish to the playground and give it snacks all day? No, then it’s not a person.”

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