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CNN’s Bash: Biden Impeachment Is ‘Wildest Of Goose Chases’

via CNN

CNN anchor Dana Bash criticized the Republican impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden as turning into “the wildest of goose chase.”

Bash said, “Paula Reid was up on Capitol Hill this morning. Asked James Comer, the committee chair, about this. Listen to how that went down.”

When asked for evidence Biden profited from his son’s business, committee chair James Comer pointed to two checks, which a CNN fact check found were actually part of a loan between Joe and his brother James.

Paula Reid said, “You keep saying ‘the Bidens.’ We’re talking about President Biden specifically.”

“What evidence do you have any profited off his son’s foreign businesses?” she asked Rep. James Comer.

Rep. Comer answered, “We have two checks. Joe Biden received two payments. We found this through subpoenaed bank records. Two payments.”

Reid replied, “You’re putting steps between the check and President Biden.”

“The steps are called money laundering. That’s what the steps are called!” exclaimed Comer.

Bash said the Republicans’ serious allegations do not stand up to fact checks, and the time and effort spent on the inquiry looks increasingly like a wild goose chase not backed by substantial evidence.

Dana Bash added, “Except not! Except not.”

She continued, “Here’s just one example of a fact checked by our great Daniel Dale. Banking records. The one that he’s referring to, ones he’s referring to, reviewed by CNN, which Comer’s Committee possesses. His own committee. Provides substantial evidence in support of the Democrats’ assertions that there was indeed a $200,000 loan from Joe Biden to James Biden, less than two months before the James Biden loan repayment, to Joe Biden for the same amount.”

The exchange demonstrated CNN’s view that the Republican claims lack merit and the investigation amounts to a fruitless partisan pursuit.

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