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The Public Blames Joe Biden, Not the GOP, for Migration Disaster: Poll

via CNBC
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Polls indicate that the public disagrees with President Joe Biden’s assertion that Republicans are to blame for border security issues.

Despite Biden’s claims, a majority of respondents in various polls support Trump’s criticisms of the establishment’s pro-migration border bill.

“Every day between now and November, the American people are going to know that the only reason the border is not secure is Donald Trump and his MAGA Republican friends,” Biden said.

Biden’s handling of immigration has led to low approval ratings and is expected to impact his reelection chances.

The establishment’s pro-migration bill, rejected by many GOP legislators, included provisions that were unpopular among respondents.

Republicans have remained critical of Biden’s attempts to shift blame and emphasized the need for stronger border security measures.

“Biden’s election-year shift, coming on the heels of multiple violent crimes by illegals his own administration released, won’t convince Americans he is serious about border security,” House Speaker Mike Johnson said.

“The fact that it’s taken more than three years to do anything to confront dangerous sanctuary cities should show everyone the President is grasping at straws to cover up his border catastrophe,” he said.

“If the President is serious about securing the border, he should use his executive authority to make immediate changes to the border, deter illegals from coming, and stop the mass release of illegals into our country,” he added.

“The migration issue is increasingly difficult for Biden to dodge, partly because of the rising crime by the many unidentified migrants welcomed by Biden’s impeached, Cuban-born, border chief, Alejandro Mayorkas.”

The immigration issue is becoming increasingly challenging for Biden to address, with rising concerns about crime and the impact of his policies.

Poll respondents expressed support for Trump’s stance on immigration and border security.

“We welcome local law enforcement’s support and cooperation in apprehending and removing individuals who pose a risk to national security or public safety,” a White House staffer stated. “When a local jurisdiction has information about an individual who could pose a threat to public safety, we want them to share that information with ICE.”

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