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Soros’ war unfolds against gas-powered trucks, leaf blowers

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A secretive nonprofit with financial backing from George Soros called Governing for Impact (GFI) issued a memo pushing for the EPA to revive a 1972 law regulating noise pollution in order to crack down on gas-powered lawn equipment and vehicles.

The dormant Noise Control Act could be used to prohibit the sale of non-electric alternatives.

While the stated goal is reducing noise, supporters argue it would lower carbon emissions by advancing electrification.

Will Dobbs-Allsopp, GFI’s director of strategic initiatives, said, “There’s no need to wait for Congress to act — because it already has.”

According to the memo, “In the era of climate crisis, the [Noise Control Act] offers a powerful suite of regulatory authorities to help decarbonize certain difficult-to-abate sectors.”

“The NCA empowers (and sometimes obliges) the EPA to prohibit the sale of new products that cannot meet noise emission standards, established by taking into account the ‘best available technology,'” GFI reportedly continued.

The company added, “Today, the most cost-effective quiet technologies are often electrified alternatives to products traditionally run on loud, internal combustion engines, which of course also emit carbon dioxide and other dangerous pollutants.”

Critics say this is another example of liberal elites trying to ban commonly used products and impose their agenda.

James Goodwin, a senior policy analyst with CPR and another co-author on the memo, said, “Of course, they’re not going to set out and say, ‘We’re going to regulate leaf blowers because we want this as climate policy.’ That’s not what their statutory authority says. Nobody is asking EPA to do something it doesn’t have legal authority to do.”

Goodwin explained, “At the end of the day, manufacturers are going to say, ‘No, we’re just going to electrify this. It’s a lot cheaper and easier for everyone.'”

Adding, “That’s basically how that would play out.”

Governing for Impact has produced regulatory guidance for federal agencies and pitched Biden administration officials while shielding its donors.

An Open Society Foundations spokesperson said, “We applaud Governing for Impact’s efforts to protect everyday Americans.”

They added, “We have supported different streams of their work in the past, and you can find it all publicly on our website.”

Soros’ foundation has given the group over $17 million since 2019.

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