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Marco Rubio: Biden Is Welcoming a Deadly ‘Mass Migration’

via Face the Nation
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Senator Marco Rubio criticized President Biden’s immigration policies, arguing they have enabled mass migration into the US rather than managed immigration.

He claimed mass migration differs from normal immigration in its scale and impact.

Rubio asserted Biden’s approach amounts to an unmanaged “invasion” that inflicts harm on Americans through increased crime.

Rubio said, “We’ve got to stop calling it ‘immigration.’”

“This is an invasion of the country,” continued Rubio.

He explained, “There’s 6.2 million people in this country illegally that he released, and so you take 6.2 million people from anywhere on the planet … and some percentage of them are going to be criminals.”

Adding, “These [migrants] aren’t committing crimes because they’re migrants. They’re committing crimes because they’re criminals — and [Biden’s deputies] are just releasing them right into the country.”

Specifically, he cited the recent murder of a nurse by an undocumented migrant as evidence some portion of large migrant flows will include criminals.

Rubio also argued the administration cannot properly vet migrants given challenges verifying identities, posing security risks.

Rubio said, “You can’t vet them because people are coming in some cases with fake documents and in other cases, their [identification] documents are produced in countries that will sell you a fake document without your real identity.”

“That’s the fundamental problem when you allow people to come in like this … [and] That’s why you can’t have mass immigration,” concluded the senator.

Overall, he maintained unrestricted mass migration is untenable and the current situation undermines public safety.

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