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Dean: Trump Will Bring the U.S. Down Because ‘That’s His Illness’


Former DNC chair Howard Dean said Donald Trump is psychologically impaired and incapable of not running for president again, even if it means damaging the Republican Party or country, because he lives for attention.

Dean argued Trump differs from past presidents in that attention, not winning or losing, is his primary motivation.

Howard Dean said, “Trump is incapable of not running, though. He will not do what Johnson did. Trump is tied up in running. Trump lives off attention. So, for him, it almost doesn’t matter whether he wins or loses as long as he’s the center of attention. That’s not true of Lyndon Johnson and wasn’t true of Dick Nixon. It’s a very different situation. Trump will gladly bring the Republican Party, and for that matter, the United States, down with him as long as he’s the center of attention. That’s his illness.”

He suggested Trump would gladly bring down the GOP and even the U.S. as long as he remains the center of focus.

He continued, “Haley’s hope has to be that she can present herself well as an alternative to Trump so the convention can accept her should Trump have a health problem, which he’s as likely to have as Joe Biden, maybe more. I bet Joe Biden could beat the daylights out of Trump in a pushup contest. Although if it was a cheeseburger eating contest, it might turn out differently. It’s a very different situation. You have a guy here who I think is unstable and requires attention. So he can’t let go of this.”

Dean added that Haley’s hope as a potential 2024 alternative is that Trump has a health problem, which Dean claimed Trump may be more likely than Biden to experience, given his unstable need for constant attention.

“He’s in it for the long run because he has to be for his psychological impairment,” concluded the former chairman.

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