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Comedian issues lethal clapback after progressive comedy club cancels his show

via Kurt Metzger
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Comedian Kurt Metzger, who had a show canceled by the Capitol Hill Comedy Bar in Seattle, predicted the club will fail.

Kurt Metzger said, “They’re going to go out of business. They don’t have real comics coming in. I looked at the the lineup.”

He added, “It’s kind of sad.”

“It just made me laugh out loud,” recalled the comedian.

Metzger and several other comedians had their shows canceled due to “feedback expressing concerns about the alignment of these upcoming shows with the neighborhood’s ethos.”

Metzger’s cancellation email reportedly said, “After careful consideration and discussions with our team, investors, local comedians, and neighborhood advocacy groups, we’ve encountered a challenging situation that requires us to revisit the planned shows.”

The email continued, “Capitol Hill is known for its progressive values, and we’ve received significant feedback expressing concerns about the alignment of these upcoming shows with the neighborhood’s ethos. This feedback includes concerns from local advocacy groups that are deeply embedded in our community and work towards upholding its values.”

Metzger believes the club will struggle without mainstream comics performing and that canceling comedians over progressive values concerns was “stupid, woke nonsense.”

While not advocating for violence, he wants participants in cancel culture to be publicly remembered and ridiculed to discourage similar behavior in the future.

Metzger emphasized the importance of mocking those who “caved to this nonsense” to show cancel culture should not be tolerated.

Metzger said, “The people that caved to this nonsense, they don’t deserve anything except some mockery.”

“Some hilarious mockery,” emphasized Metzger.

He warned, “All the stupid, woke nonsense is dying now.”

“It’s vital to metaphorically carve their mark in their forehead, so they can’t pretend they weren’t part of it,” joked Metzger.

“We just have to really point it out and ridicule the [expletive] out of it. It has to happen because, like I said, never again,” vowed the comedian.

He claimed cancel culture is declining but incidents like his need to be highlighted so they are not forgotten or repeated.

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