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Bradley Cooper Says Fatherhood Saved His Life

via E! News
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Bradley Cooper credits fatherhood with saving his life, emphasizing the profound impact of becoming a dad to his daughter Lea.

He expressed a strong desire to better himself for his daughter’s sake, prioritizing her well-being and creating a solid foundation for her.

Cooper admitted that initially, he didn’t fully grasp the depth of parental love but later found immense joy and fulfillment in being a father.

“I just want the least amount of damage that I could do to my daughter, please let me work on myself,” Cooper said. “I can just feel the safety that she feels. It’s so tangible; it’s palpable. That is so fulfilling.”

He highlighted how fatherhood has transformed his life, bringing unparalleled joy and meaning to every aspect of his existence.

“I want her to have, as much as she can, a foundation that’s like 25 feet thick, cement, that she can walk on this earth with,” he added. “That’s the goal. Honestly, I’m not sure I’d be alive if I wasn’t a dad—I don’t know…I am not sure.”

“I just needed someone to say, ‘We’re gonna drop this massive anchor,’ and I’m like, ‘Why? We’re speeding. We just got an upgrade on the boat and I know where the wind is coming in,’” Cooper said.

“And they’re like, ‘No, there’s a tsunami coming and you need an anchor and we’re gonna drop it. This is going to dictate everything you do from now on. Your DNA is going to tell you there’s something more important than you.’”

“Every single thing is absolutely shaded by, or brought into glorious colors, by the fact that I get to be a father to a wonderful human being,” he said. “You have this wonderful thing or breakthrough with a script, or you have a wonderful moment on this set or in an editing room … you have like 40 of those moments every day with your kid, that are that level of joy. That’s not spinning it, that’s just the truth.”

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