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Trump: ‘We have to bring back our religion’

via Guardian News
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Former President Donald Trump made an appeal to Christian voters ahead of the South Carolina primary, declaring the need to “bring back Christianity” in America.

Trump has often highlighted his faith and enjoys strong support from evangelical communities.

“We have to bring back our religion. It’s the biggest thing missing from this country. We have to bring back Christianity,” Trump said.

His presidency advanced conservative priorities like appointing Supreme Court justices who oppose abortion.

At a South Carolina rally, Trump promised to end the “war on Christians” and restore religious freedom.

“As soon as I get back in the Oval Office, I’ll also immediately end the war on Christians,” Trump said.

He criticized the Biden administration for policies he says persecute Christians and weaponize government against religion.

“I don’t know if you feel it. You have a war. There’s a war under crooked Joe Biden. Christians and Americans of faith are being persecuted and government has been weaponized against religion like never before.”

“They’ve targeted conservative parents of school board meetings who don’t want filth taught to their children. It’s filth. What they’re teaching in schools is filth.”

With the primary imminent, Trump’s message carries weight as polls show him leading by 30 points against challenger Nikki Haley, whose favorability among GOP voters has declined.

The timing of Trump’s religious appeal aims to boost turnout among his core evangelical base of support.

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