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Trans Athletes Ban From Women’s Sports By New York County

via FOX 5 New York

Nassau County, New York officials issued an executive order banning biological males from competing in women’s sports held in county facilities.

The County Executive Bruce Blakeman, said the order is meant to protect the integrity of women’s sports and fairness for female athletes.

Blakeman said, “What we are saying here today with our executive order is that if a league or team identifies themselves or advertises themselves to be a girls or women’s league or team, then biological males should not be competing in those leagues.”

“We are protecting girls’ right to compete against other girls. It makes no sense for biological boys who identify as transgender to compete against girls. It’s completely unfair,” he explained.

He noted that biological males have physical advantages in terms of size, strength and speed.

Blakeman said, “Biological boys are faster, bigger, and stronger. They have a physical advantage against women.”

The order defines gender as biological sex at birth and requires sports leagues using county parks to affirm in writing that no transgender females are competing.

The order reads, “For the purpose of this Executive Order, an individual’s gender is defined as the individual’s biological sex at birth.”

“Historically, women and girls have not received as many of the opportunities emanating from participation in sports as biological males,” the order continued.

“The designation of separate sex-specific athletic teams or sports is necessary to maintain fairness for women’s athletic opportunities; the County of Nassau is committed to protecting Women’s and Girl’s rights to compete athletically and to realize the opportunities of participating in a fair sporting competition,” according to the order.

The order concluded, “Ordered, that Nassau County Department of Parks, Recreation and Museums shall not issue any permits for the use and occupancy of Nassau County Park’s property for the purposes of organizing a sporting event or competition that allows athletic teams or sports designated for females, women, or girls to include biological males.”

It aims to maintain separate sex-specific teams and protect women’s rights and opportunities in athletics.

The move counters New York state’s liberal policies and comes amid reports of biological males dominating and injuring females in women’s sports after identifying as transgender.

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