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Only 10% of Europeans Optimistic About Ukraine’s Chances Against Russia

via Fox News
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A poll of European citizens found declining optimism that Ukraine can win its war with Russia, with only 10% believing victory is possible.

Most supported a negotiated peace. The survey across 12 EU nations found just 20% would increase aid to Ukraine if US funding decreases.

Majorities in several countries backed pushing Ukraine to negotiate with Russia.

However, Poland, Portugal and Sweden were more supportive of continuing the war.

The European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) warned that EU policy needs a “reality-based” shift, or populists like Trump could portray the West as wanting “forever war” while Russia claims the mantle of peace.

Ivan Krastev, one of the ECFR authors, said, “The big danger is that Trump and Putin, who has hinted that he is open to negotiations, try to portray Ukraine and its backers as the ‘forever war’ party while they claim the mantle of ‘peace’.”

The ECFR report continued, “If people see that a Russian victory would involve stopping Kyiv from fulfilling its European aspirations, they can appreciate that this kind of peace would not just be a defeat for Kyiv but one for Europe too.”

Admitting Ukraine to the EU also faces resistance, as polls found Ukrainians seen as more of a threat than opportunity in several nations.

Continued EU support for Ukraine’s membership aspirations may contradict public sentiment.

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