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Marvel Makes Catholic Priest Character Perform Lesbian Wedding

via ABC
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The controversy surrounding the portrayal of the Marvel character Nightcrawler, a Catholic priest mutant, officiating a lesbian wedding in an upcoming comic book, has caused a stir online.

Critics, including science fiction author Jon Del Arroz, argued that such a portrayal goes against Nightcrawler’s Christian beliefs and is seen as anti-Christian bigotry by Marvel Comics.

“Marvel Comics hates Christians,” Arroz said.

“The most insulting part of the cover revealed is the image of Nightcrawler officiating the mockery of a wedding. Nightcrawler is a Catholic priest, and according to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, sexual activity between members of the same sex is considered to be a grave sin against chastity, and homosexual attraction is considered to be objectively disordered.”

“Therefore, it is wholly against Nightcrawler’s vows as a Catholic priest to uphold God’s law to perform such a ceremony. It would be out of character for a Christian character,” he said.

Marvel has notably retconned Nightcrawler’s origin story, changing his parentage to include two female parents.

“Marvel Comics never seems to be able to portray Christian characters or give them adequate representation as they do for groups of certain skin colors or sexual fetishes. The solicitation is further anti-Christian bigotry by Marvel Comics,” Arroz wrote.

Critics have noted Marvel’s pattern of retconning characters and gaslighting fans who object to such changes, suggesting that the actions are turning classic comic stories into overt propaganda.

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