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Chinese Control Over US Oil and Gas at Heart of Biden Influence Peddling

via Forbes Breaking News
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Republicans have recently raised eyebrows at the exposure of the Biden influence peddling operation, particularly involving Hunter Biden and his associates engaging in questionable activities to benefit financially, especially in the energy sector with ties to China.

The operation involved creating shell companies, meetings with foreign officials, and potential corruption allegations involving Joe Biden.

“The Bidens were careful not to over-involve the then Vice President, Bobulinski says. Before he met Joe Biden, Bobulinski says he was told that, ‘this is going to be a high-level meeting. We’re not going to go into a lot of detail’ about CEFC. Another Hunter business associate told Bobulinski in a text message, ‘Don’t mention Joe being involved, it’s only when u are face to face, I know u know that but they are paranoid,'” reporter Michael Shellenberger wrote.

There were notable attempts to manipulate energy policies for financial gain, connections to foreign entities, and allegations of political corruption involving the FBI and Justice Department.

“They were understandably paranoid as they left evidence of what they were doing. It was the email chain about the LNG deal in which Hunter famously said, about shares in the business venture, that there would be ’10 [percent] held by H for the big guy.’ And, according to Bobulinski, ‘the big guy—100 percent—is Joe Biden,'” Shellenberger wrote.

“Bobulinski told Congressional investigators that he once asked Joe’s brother, James Biden, ‘Aren’t you guys concerned that if Joe does run for President of the United States in the future that you guys are doing business directly with the Chinese?’”

“Bobulinski says James Biden laughed and said, ‘Plausible deniability.’ But, he notes, there are ‘stacks of evidence that Joe Biden showed up at meetings, shook hands, participated in’ over 20 calls related to Hunter’s business ‘to demonstrate the Biden brand to whoever was in that meeting, whether it was the Ukrainians, the Romanians, the Russians, Colombians, Chinese, whoever it was,'” she wrote.

“Congressional investigators have documented $20 million in payments from foreign entities to Biden family members and associates. That number could have been significantly higher had the Biden influence-peddling operation not fallen apart shortly before the 2020 elections, when the New York Post first published evidence of influence-peddling found in emails, text messages, and voicemails on Hunter Biden’s laptop.”

“China, desperate for cheaper oil and gas, showed in myriad ways how much it wanted access through the Bidens. At one point, the CEO of CEFC gave to Hunter, as a gift, a 2.8-carat diamond worth roughly $80,000,” Shellenberger wrote.

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