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Scathing details reveal why Biden appears ‘silent’ on China

via The Telegraph
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A new book alleges that the Biden administration has not aggressively confronted China over its role in the US fentanyl crisis due to financial connections between Chinese businessmen and the Biden family.

The book claims Hunter Biden received $5 million from a business partner of a Chinese drug lord involved in the global drug trade.

“Joe Biden was outspoken in 1992 when it was exposed that Beijing was involved with the heroin trade. The then senator from Delaware showed initiative in calling out the Communist leadership for its illicit activities,” author Peter Schweizer writes. “But now with the far more deadly fentanyl crisis, he has grown silent.”

The book argues this “cash flow” connects the Bidens to Chinese organized crime groups distributing fentanyl in the US.

While Biden has acknowledged the US fentanyl problem, the book says he has not directly challenged China over its involvement as he did as a senator in the 1990s.

“When Joe Biden delivered the State of the Union address in 2023, he talked about fentanyl, acknowledging the stigma associated with substance abuse, and called for better substance abuse services. In other words, he treated it as a conventional drug problem. So he promised more drug detection machines and more inspections of cargo,” Schweizer said.

“What he never mentioned was Beijing’s hand in the matter. President Biden has been remarkably quiet in discussing China’s involvement in the drug trade; he does not challenge its leadership about their conduct.”

Schweizer reported that “members of the first family received some $31 million in deals from a small group of Chinese businessmen with deep ties to the highest levels of Chinese intelligence.”

It questions whether family financial ties impact the administration’s approach to addressing China’s role in the US opioid epidemic.

A few of the businessmen who allegedly funneled money to the Biden family “have ties to the fentanyl trade, including $5 million from a Chinese national who was a business partner with a notorious triad leader.”

“Ye and White Wolf set up the Shanghai Zhenrong Petroleum Company together. White Wolf’s gang, UBG [United Bamboo Gang], also has a ‘partnership’ with Mexico’s Sinaloa Cartel and helps them in the production and distribution of fentanyl in the United States. UBG helped to turn ‘the Sinaloa Cartel into the King of Fentanyl,’ according to a Mexican investigation of the cartel,” Schweizer writes.

“The fact that a Chinese businessman who showered millions on the Bidens is partners with a crime syndicate partnering in the distribution of fentanyl into the United States might be shocking enough. But there is more,” Schweizer writes.

“The problem of conflicting personal ties when it comes to confronting China on fentanyl extends beyond the Biden family to members of his administration. And so does the silence,” Schweizer stated.

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