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Trump Fires Back at Nikki Haley’s Attacks

via FOX Carolina News
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Nikki Haley escalated her attacks against Donald Trump over the weekend on TV and social media, criticizing his legal issues and questioning his fitness for office at age 77.

Haley exclaimed, “The Donald Trump promise he hasn’t fulfilled: you’re going to be tired of winning!”

“Everything Trump touches falls apart,” she continued.

Haley added, “Chaos follows him, and Republicans have paid the price for the last 7 years. We’re tired of losing, let’s start winning again.”

Haley posted on X, “Trump is going to use the RNC as his own personal piggy bank to cover his constant legal bills.”

“There’s no way he can beat Joe Biden if he’s spending more time in the courtroom than on the campaign trail,” continued the former governor.

Haley wrote, “Do we really want to put our country and the issues we’re facing in the hands of two 80-year-olds? If pilots have an age limit, if the military has an age limit, shouldn’t we have mental competency tests for those who are making decisions about the future of our economy and our national security?”

“I mean, keep in mind, I am running against him for a reason,” Haley explained.

“The last thing on my mind is who I’m going to support. The only thing on my mind is how we’re going to win this. The only thing on my mind is how we’re going to make sure that we correct what’s happening in America and we bring this country back together, allow her to heal and move in a strong way,” said the former ambassador.

“We are going to have a female President of the United States. It will either be me or it will be Kamala Harris. And if Donald Trump is the nominee of the – in – for the Republican Party, he will not win,” insisted Haley.

Trump responded by calling Haley “Birdbrain” and claiming she is backed by Democrats and lacks what it takes to win.

Trump wrote, “When will stupid people like Nikki Haley confess to knowing that the Indictments and Litigation that I am fighting is all DEMOCRAT and Crooked Joe Biden INSPIRED, COORDINATED, & RUN!”

“They have done a terrible job, and there is nothing else that they can do to save their ‘sinking ship.’ It is illegal Election Interference, and if I weren’t running, or leading so big, none of this would be happening,” explained Trump.

Trump said, “If Birdbrain were ever in my position, which she won’t be, she would be hit just as hard, and not be able to fight back. The only money she is getting now is coming from Democrats. I know her well, and she just doesn’t have what it takes, and never will.”

“MAGA! P.S. She’s losing to Biden in almost every poll. I am winning in EVERY poll!” he celebrated.

Haley has acknowledged relying on non-conservative voters in open primaries as polling shows her trailing Trump by double digits in South Carolina, her home state holding a primary next week.

Their intensifying feud comes as Haley ramps up criticisms of Trump in a bid to gain ground, though polling indicates Trump maintains a strong lead there.

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