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Town Unanimously Votes to Remain a Non-Sanctuary City

via ABC
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The small town of Monument, Colorado unanimously voted to affirm its status as a non-sanctuary city in response to Denver Mayor Mike Johnston admitting the city is overwhelmed by the influx of migrants.

Monument Mayor Mitch LaKind criticized Denver for using local resources to support non-citizens and said Monument does not have the budget to accept busloads of migrants from Denver.

Mayor LaKind said, “The goal is to make sure that Denver knows that we will not be accepting any busloads of migrants into our community.”

He continued, “The main reason is that we don’t have a budget that matches theirs, and we won’t utilize taxpayer funds for the support of what they’ve decided to take on themselves as a self-declared sanctuary city.”

LaKind and the council want to work with federal agencies, not take on Denver’s role as a sanctuary city.

LaKind praised the support from surrounding communities that also passed non-sanctuary resolutions.

He criticized Biden’s immigration policies for contributing to the crisis in Denver and other cities struggling with capacity issues related to accommodating high numbers of migrants.

LaKind said, “The town administration and police force will work with federal agencies to have them picked up and brought to wherever they would need to be held.”

“The president has the power to do that. He’s had the power all along. He’s chosen not to,” he explained.

The mayor later posted, “Last evening, the Monument Town Council passed a resolution declaring non-sanctuary status, 7-0.”

“We are aligned with El Paso County and Colorado Springs in that we will not support the actions taken by Denver Mayor @MikeJohnstonCO, which further promotes illegal immigration,” he continued.

He added, “Mayor @Aron_Lam and the Keenesburg Board also passed a non-sanctuary resolution last night.”

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