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Security Officer On Jan 6 Says Official Story ‘Makes No Sense Whatsoever’

via CNN
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The former director of security for the RNC questioned the official explanation of the purported January 6 pipe bomb plot based on his firsthand experience responding to the device found near the RNC.

He noted inconsistencies in the timeline and response, such as the bombs going undetected for hours, and the delayed and casual response to the DNC bomb.

“Any of the IED awareness training I’ve been to with law enforcement, that’s like the quintessential training device,” Capolino said. “That’s exactly what it looks like.”

“They set up scenarios like that so you know what to look for, so they have to make training devices,” he said. “There was so much about January 6, but nothing about the pipe bombs, which I thought was so, so strange.”

“Our response at the RNC was very quick. Watching the video of the DNC response, I was surprised at the delay in reaction,” Capolino said.

Surveillance footage showed the suspect but the FBI was slow to release details.

“I’m the last one to speculate, but it doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t at all,” he said.

A similar cache of weapons was also found near the RNC but received little attention.

The man who owned the cache was charged lightly by prosecutors despite having guns, molotov cocktails and hundreds of rounds of ammunition.

“That doesn’t sit well with me. They’re not even talking about it,” he said.

The former security director believes more transparency is needed given the anomalies and lack of progress in the investigation.

“This whole thing just doesn’t make sense,” Capolino said. “People need to have all the information to find out what was actually going on. I don’t feel like the public is getting all the information.”

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