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Hospitals Equate ‘Milk’ from Men to Mothers’ Breast Milk for Babies

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A British hospital trust issued a controversial letter claiming that milk from biological men taking hormones can nourish babies as effectively as breast milk.

The trust cited a rejected study that found no side effects in babies fed milk from lactating transgender women.

Dr. Rachael James wrote that “the term human milk (which she called the ‘ideal food for infants’) is meant to be neutral and is not gender-biased.”

“Medications are sometimes used to induce lactation, similar to the natural hormones which encourage lactation to develop when the baby is newly born although occasionally some people are able to induce lactation without hormonal treatment. The evidence which is available demon­strates that the milk is compar­able to that produced following the birth of a baby,” she said.

“Staff further clarify that the term human milk is meant to be neutral and is not gender-biased.”

Critics argued the letter takes an unbalanced view by asserting secretions from males on hormones are comparable to breast milk without sufficient evidence.

“This letter is unbalanced and naive in its assertion that the secretions produced by a male on hormones can nourish an infant in the way a mother’s breast milk can,” Policy Exchange’s Lottie Moore said.

“A child’s welfare must always take precedence over identity politics and contested belief systems that are not evidence-based. The NHS should not be indulging in this nonsense.”

A think tank said a child’s welfare should take precedence over identity politics not grounded in evidence.

“We stand by the facts of the letter and the cited evidence supporting them,” a USHT spokesman said.

The trust defended the letter and cited evidence, but their stance has been criticized for prioritizing ideology over child health based on limited research.

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