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CNN Gives Inside Look At Biden 2024 Plan

via NBC News
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CNN reporter, MJ Lee, said that President Biden has instructed his campaign to aggressively highlight the “crazy s***” that former President Trump says publicly.

MJ Lee said Biden wants his campaign to significantly ramp up efforts to highlight Trump’s inflammatory and wild comments as the 2024 election race heats up.

She noted the Biden campaign is looking to paint Trump as unhinged and unfit for office by emphasizing the stark contrast between Biden’s temperament and worldview and Trump’s.

Lee reported, “President Biden himself personally instructed some of his top campaign aides to be even more aggressive in highlighting some of President Trump’s more inflammatory and wild comments.”

“We’re told that the thrust of the president’s direction was to significantly ramp up the campaign’s efforts to highlight the ‘crazy [expletive] that Trump says in public,’” she continued.

“You know, we’ve been seeing, of course, for a while, the Biden campaign trying to highlight what they see as the black-and-white contrast between President Biden and former President Trump on everything, including their temperament, their worldviews, their policies, and as the Biden campaign is making this pivot to a general election, this reporting seems to show that President Biden himself believes that it is incredibly important to make sure that they are really leaning into painting the former president as being unhinged and unfit for office,” she explained.

Lee added, “Now when we reached out to the Biden campaign for comment for this story, the Biden campaign’s rapid response director said in part that Donald Trump is the polar opposite of everything that President Biden stands for and that this stark contrast is one that they’re going to continue to highlight,”

She concluded, “One thing that I do think — it’s worth pointing out that the Biden campaign has been concerned about for a while is this idea that so many voters seem to have forgotten about the first four years of the Trump presidency and what they see as having been sort of these unacceptable and outrageous moments from those first four years.”

The campaign is also concerned that voters have forgotten the unacceptable and outrageous moments from Trump’s first term.

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