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US Marine vet takes border security into her own hands

via Kate Monroe
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A California Congressional candidate took action to repair a gap in the U.S.-Mexico border barrier near San Judas Break, a hotspot for illegal border crossings.

The candidate, Kate Monroe, a Marine Corps veteran, installed razor wire at the gap to prevent unauthorized entry, citing concerns about national security risks, including terrorism, drug trafficking, and human smuggling.

Kate Monroe, a Republican candidate for California’s 49th Congressional District, said, “It prevents a grave national security risk.”

Sam Schultz, a local aid worker, said, “This hole is big enough that I have seen 150 people walk through it in less than a minute.”

Monroe said, “I felt the anger and frustrations of millions of fellow Americans watching in horror as thousands of people poured through.”

She added that Biden’s polices allow “terrorists, drugs, and human trafficking to infiltrate while local and national city economies bear the burden of supporting these migrants.”

“So I decided, if no one is going to do something about it, I will,” she recalled.

“I purchased 400 feet of razor wire, and along with members of my staff, hung the wire along the gaps ourselves,” admitted the GOP candidate,

Monroe said, “I told CBP I was a Marine veteran running to be the next member of Congress in border district CA-49, and I said I knew their hands were tied, but mine weren’t.”

“So they pointed me directly to the exact location. They aren’t allowed to secure the border but were happy I was there to do it. They said ‘you have our support,’” she continued.

Monroe added, “People here are in shock and disbelief as they witness thousands of single military-aged men flood our area without background checks or tracking.”

“Illegals are overtaking private property, robbing homes and businesses; sidewalks in California are flooded with illegal migrants. My community is living in growing fear,” she exclaimed.

Monroe concluded, “Sadly, we may fondly remember times when it was safe to walk around in our neighborhoods and attend events in America.”

Monroe’s initiative received support from U.S. Customs and Border Patrol officials.

The Mexican government also established a checkpoint near the gap to deter crossings.

Monroe’s actions reflect growing fears and frustrations among residents in the border district regarding the influx of migrants and associated security challenges.

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