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Ukraine Considers Unpopular Plan to Expand Draft

via Reuters
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The Ukrainian army is facing challenges in recruiting new soldiers as many men are evading the draft by hiding or bribing their way out of service.

With Russia controlling a significant portion of Ukraine, there is a pressing need for more soldiers to defend the country.

Efforts to increase recruitment face resistance, with concerns about coercion and the effectiveness of conscription in changing the course of the war.

The military is struggling with exhausted and depleted forces, leading to soldiers facing prolonged periods of combat without adequate rest.

“We are not made of steel,” soldier Igor Ivantsev said.

“I will kiss these guys´ feet to the bitter end, as long as they just stand, take up arms and protect my daughters,” medic Alyona Yalunka said.

The proposed legislation aims to expand the pool of recruits but faces criticism and uncertainties about its impact on the battlefield.

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