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Teacher Accused Of Showing Class ‘Inappropriate Images’, Leaving Students in Tears

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Parents at a California elementary school protested after a substitute teacher was caught watching adult content on his phone during class.

The incident at Cameron Elementary School led to discomfort among students, who were restricted from leaving the classroom.

The school took immediate action, with the principal removing the teacher and comforting the students.

“The teacher had his back to the kids, so they could see his phone and Adison said that there were naked people on the phone,” mother Stacy Mathews said.

“He wouldn’t let them go to the bathroom,” Mathews added.

“A parent called Cameron Elementary to notify that his son called him crying and the parent wanted to know why. Ms. Fullerton (school principal) went to the classroom to check on the student and found several students crying,” District Superintendent Emy Flores wrote in a note.

“Ms. Fullerton took over the class and directed the substitute teacher to leave the classroom. Ms. Fullerton inquired why students were crying. She spent time with students and assured them that they were safe and that the substitute teacher would not be returning to their class.”

Despite the lack of an arrest, the police chief urged calm.

Concerned parents, meanwhile, demanded more significant actions to ensure the safety of their children, leading to ongoing investigations by the police and Child Protective Services.

“We urge everyone to remain calm and trust in the investigative process. We are dedicated to ensuring the safety and well-being of all community members, particularly our children,” West Covina Police Chief Richard Bell said.

“When we found out on Saturday that he wasn’t arrested, she was scared thinking that he was going to come back and come back to get them for tattling, is how she worded it,” Mathews said

“She didn’t even go to school today, cause she’s like, ‘Mom, I’m scared.’ I get it, and like, seeing … little kids come in it’s like, wow. It could happen to anybody,” parent Meghan Randall said.

“As soon as we found out we took immediate action and keeping the safety of our students is a top priority,” Flores said. “The principal alerted us at the district office and I immediately dispatched my staff to come out here and support.”

Flores wrote that she was “disturbed and disgusted by these alleged actions. As parents, we strive to protect our students from harm and preserve their innocence.”

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