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Muslim Families May Opt Out of LGBT Lessons In U.S. School

via VOA Learning English
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A Minnesota school district will allow families to opt their children out of LGBT-themed curriculum materials after Somali Muslim families threatened legal action.

The families argued certain books introduced to elementary students caused religiously objectionable confusion and distress by depicting LGBT topics.

While the district said classroom discussions cannot be opted out of, it will comply with state law allowing parents to review and opt out of instructional materials.

“Opt-outs based on representation of protected classes do not uphold our values of creating safe and inclusive learning and working environments in our schools,” the district stated. “However, because it is required within state law, any change would need to happen with the involvement of state lawmakers.”

The district statement was hailed as a win for religious freedom by the families’ attorneys.

“We think this is a win for religious freedom for people of all faiths, without even having to go to court,” attorney Kayla Toney said.

A mother in the district expressed happiness that the opt-out will allow families to raise their children according to their religious beliefs, as religious freedom was the reason they came to America.

“We came to America for religious freedom in the Constitution, and so our kids will have a great opportunity,” mother Hodan Hassan said.

“By granting us and other families the opportunity to opt out of teaching that violates our deeply held religious beliefs, families are able to raise their children according to the principle that they value the most,” the mother said.

The district will no longer conduct reviews of materials deemed objectionable by families.

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