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Joe Biden’s Dog, Commander, Involved in 24 Biting Incidents

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Reports indicate President Biden’s dog Commander bit Secret Service agents numerous times at the White House and other locations, with internal documents showing at least 24 bites.

Incidents took place inside and outside the White House, as well as Biden family homes, requiring agents to adjust tactics around the dog for their safety.

Despite training, the dog continued biting agents, including some that required medical treatment.

While the Biden family apologized and felt awful, the dog’s behavior escalated over nearly a year until it was removed from the White House in late 2022 to live with other family, with a spokesperson saying the environment proved too much.

Previously, Biden’s dog Major was also involved in serious biting incidents minimized by the White House, with documents showing injuries were severe rather than minor as described.

CNN reported, “The new documents, obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request, reveal the extent to which the situation had become a serious workplace issue for the hundreds of staff supporting White House operations, and how agency personnel changed their habits to avoid being injured by the German shepherd.”

Elizabeth Alexander, first lady Jill Biden’s communications director, wrote in an earlier statement, “The president and first lady care deeply about the safety of those who work at the White House and those who protect them every day. Despite additional dog training, leashing, working with veterinarians, and consulting with animal behaviorists, the White House environment simply proved too much for Commander.”

She added, “Since the fall, he has lived with other family members.”

According to the report, “In the background SA [redacted] heard the voice of what believes to be FLOTUS Dr. Jill Biden [redacted] yelling [redacted quote]. Commander ran toward the direction of post [redacted] booth and bit SA [redacted in the left forearm. Causing a severe deep open wound. As result of the attack SA [redacted] started to loose [sic] a significant amount of blood from [redacted] arm.”

“Commander and POTUS were entering the Palm Room through the West Colonnade. Commander came in first circled back and grabbed my arm left arm,” began another incident.

“He then stood up and back down. He is literally my height standing. POTUS entered shortly after since he was trailing behind him. POTUS entered the Palm Room and said [redacted],” continued the agent.

In November 2022, a uniformed police officer reported, “While first family was coming back from tennis pavilion, [redacted] having her hands full and no one else around I did try to open the closed door… for her; at that moment first family dog passed everyone toward the deep room door. Having doors not being fully open yet he bit me in my left forearm.”

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