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Jesse Watters Rips Jessica Tarlov Over Trump Verdict

via FOX
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On Fox News’ “The Five,” Jesse Watters vigorously defended Donald Trump against criticism of the $350 million judgment against his company, arguing New York Attorney General Letitia James has failed to address real issues like crime while targeting political opponents.

“With respect, Jessica, you know nothing about real estate valuations, real estate development, or the IRS, or getting loans from big banks to develop skylines in New York City,” Watters said.

“Donald Trump did more for New York City than a thousand Letitia Jameses,” he added.

“She’s done nothing on street crime, nothing on real white collar crime, and then her phony friend Alvin Bragg, if you’re just trying to defend yourself working at a bodega or on the subway he goes after you. That’s why 160 businesses have left New York. That’s why almost a million New Yorkers have left.”

Trump has insinuated investigations against him will be meaningless compared to his success if re-elected, as the Biden DOJ rushes two criminal cases and warns judges of Trump exonerating himself if voters return him to office.

Watters dismissed Tarlov’s criticisms of Trump as unfounded and argued James has failed New Yorkers while politically targeting figures like Trump and Andrew Cuomo.

When fellow host Jessica Tarlov previously brought up Trump’s guilt in the E. Jean Carroll defamation case, Watters and Jeanine Pirro countered that a civil judgment doesn’t equal criminal guilt.

“Yes, he was! He was by a jury,” Tarlov shouted. “Oh it’s a civil, that means it doesn’t count?”

“It means it’s not a guilty verdict,” Jeanine Pirro said.

“It’s always nice to bring something up that has nothing to do with the topic,” Gutfeld said.

“It does! He said the campaign strategy…” Tarlov said before Watters cut in, saying, “stop interrupting everybody.”

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