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UN Experts Alarmed Over Human Rights Violations Against Palestinians

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United Nations experts have raised concerns about alleged human rights violations by Israeli forces against Palestinian women and girls in Gaza and the West Bank.

Reports indicate arbitrary executions, detentions, inhumane treatment, and sexual assault of Palestinian women and girls by Israeli forces.

“We are shocked by reports of the deliberate targeting and extrajudicial killing of Palestinian women and children in places where they sought refuge, or while fleeing,” the experts stated. “Some of them were reportedly holding white pieces of cloth when they were killed by the Israeli army or affiliated forces.”

The experts stressed the need for accountability for the actions, which may constitute serious crimes under international law.

“At least two female Palestinian detainees were reportedly raped while others were reportedly threatened with rape and sexual violence,” the experts said, noting that Israeli forces allegedly took “photos of female detainees in degrading circumstances” and posted the photos online.

“An unknown number of Palestinian women and children, including girls, have reportedly gone missing after contact with the Israeli army,” the experts said.

“Taken together, these alleged acts may constitute grave violations of international human rights and humanitarian law, and amount to serious crimes under international criminal law that could be prosecuted under the Rome Statute,” the experts said.

“Those responsible for these apparent crimes must be held accountable and victims and their families are entitled to full redress and justice,” the experts added.

Israel denies the allegations, accusing the experts of bias.

“It is clear that the co-signatories are motivated not by the truth but by their hatred for Israel and its people,” Israel stated.

The situation has led to a rise in miscarriages and maternal deaths in Gaza due to a lack of healthcare.

The U.S. has vetoed a cease-fire resolution at the U.N. Security Council, proposing an alternative linked to the release of hostages held by Hamas.

“We don’t believe in a rush to a vote,” a senior U.S. official said.

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