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Scarborough: ‘Freaks’ of GOP Are ‘in the Trump Death Cult’

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MSNBC host Joe Scarborough strongly criticized Republicans who still support Donald Trump, saying they are part of a “death cult for American democracy.”

He argued Trump and his most ardent supporters attack America by claiming U.S. leaders are as bad as Vladimir Putin, who openly kills opponents.

Scarborough referred to these supporters as “freaks, weirdos, insurrectionists, radicals on the far, far right” who have formed a “Trump death cult” rather than a traditional conservative movement.

He found it “grotesque” to compare America to Russia or Trump to jailed Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny.

Scarborough was troubled that Trump, who lives a lavish lifestyle, could be the 2024 GOP nominee, and that Republicans would “trash America” and say it’s like Russia just to elect someone who wants to undermine U.S. law and democracy.

“These are attacks on America. These aren’t just attacks on Joe Biden. This is an attack on America that we have a he even Donald Trump participating in since he came on our show in December of 2015 saying that American leaders were just as bad as Vladimir Putin, who openly kills opponents,” Scarborough said.

“There are few words. You have these freaks, weirdos, insurrectionists, radicals on the far, far right. They are not even the right now. They’re in the Trump death cult for American democracy. And to make those comparisons are so grotesque, to compare America to Russia is so grotesque to compare Trump to Navalny,” he said.

“Trump, who flies around in his 757, who lives in a golden skyscraper, who lives in Mar a Lago, when you have Navlany dead, poisoned in a penal colony. All of this is so grotesque.”

“And what is so shocking is this is one freak, legislator, right-wing freak legislator from Louisiana or Iowa. This is the next Republican nominee for president of the United States in 2024, and Republicans are falling in line, and they’re saying, ‘The hell with America. We will trash America.’ We’ll say, it’s just like Russia, just like Trump’s been doing since 2015, just to elect this con artist who wants to undermine America’s rule of law and American democracy,” he said.

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