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Manchin: Border Crisis Is Biden’s Fault, Opened It On ‘Day One’

via ABC
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Senator Joe Manchin placed blame for the border crisis squarely on President Biden, saying the policies have been bad “from day one.”

Manchin said Biden’s view was to help as many people as possible in the aftermath of the pandemic, but that led to the border being “unbelievably overrun.”

He also argued the administration “waited too long” to act.

While acknowledging Biden wanted to help people, Manchin felt catch and release was a “horrible” policy.

“[F]irst of all, the border crises that we have are Joe Biden’s fault. Starting from day one, I disagreed, and we’ve been arguing about this back and forth. I think that, in defense of Joe Biden, their discussion and their basically explanation is that the world was in a flux after the pandemic, a lot of people were hurting around the world, we wanted to make sure we could help as many as humanly possible,” Manchin said.

He now says the administration has come to the table to fix the “horrific problem” but more delay would be wrong.

Manchin called for Democrats and Republicans to come together to quickly fix the issues at the border, arguing they have the ability to do so working cooperatively.

“And the border was overrun, unbelievably overrun. And then catch and release is horrible. So, they waited too long. But now they’ve come to the table to fix a horrific problem that we have,” he said.

“And saying that we have to wait another ten months for the politics to be right for somebody is wrong. That’s as wrong, if not worse as what — getting to this position. So, we have a chance to fix it. We should fix it as quickly as possible. And I’m hoping that good-minded people will come together,” Manchin said.

“We have the ability to fix it, Democrats and Republicans, working together.”

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