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Biden Accused of ‘Extortion’ By Cutting Deportations Until Congress Sends Funding

via Sky News
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President Joe Biden’s plan has been criticized as an “extortion attempt” aimed at protecting more criminal illegal aliens from deportation, as data reveals a significant reduction in interior immigration enforcement by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

The White House is threatening to decrease deportations of violent illegal alien convicts unless Congress approves additional funding for DHS, which would then be allocated to non-governmental organizations facilitating illegal immigration.

Critics argued that this move is a misleading tactic to prolong an influx of illegal immigration, exacerbated by the weakening of interior enforcement measures.

“This is nothing more than a misleading extortion attempt to prolong a self-inflicted invasion that has been compounded by the gutting of interior enforcement,” National Immigration Center for Enforcement (NICE) president RJ Hauman said.

“Keep in mind this is an administration that sought to suspend all deportations for 100 days and proposed a mass amnesty on day one — efforts built upon through the issuance of radical policy memos.”

Furthermore, analyses show a substantial decline in deportations and arrests of criminal illegal aliens under the Biden administration compared to the previous administration.

“The administration’s claim that its immigration policies are designed to focus on criminal aliens is demonstrably false,” Center for Immigration Studies Director of Investigations Jon Feere wrote.

“The Biden administration has dramatically cut immigration enforcement in the United States and the result has been a decrease in arrests, prosecutions, and removals of criminal aliens. The administration has chosen to leave tens of thousands of criminal aliens in American communities without any apparent concern about the impact on public safety and national security. This is happening amid a historic influx of mass illegal immigration into the United States which is undoubtedly adding large numbers of new criminal aliens to the country.”

“Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas’ response to being impeached is to lash out and threaten to harm American communities with the release of thousands of criminal aliens,” Hauman said. “Mayorkas and the White House are warning Congress and the American people that their lives will be put in danger if Congress doesn’t approve a supplemental that would codify the crisis under the guise of ending it. This is extortion, plain and simple.”

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