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World’s tallest man meets world’s shortest woman

via Youtube
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Sultan Kosen, the tallest man in the world at 8 feet 3 inches, and Jyoti Amge, the shortest living woman at just above 2 feet tall, recently reunited in California, showcasing their remarkable height difference.

Kosen’s gigantism resulted from a tumor, while Amge has achondroplasia.

Despite challenges like finding clothes and fitting into vehicles, Kosen found fame and married, while Amge pursued acting and fashion.

“People like me might be small in stature, but they can also act,” Amge said.

“Regular people should not underestimate people who are small.”

“When people see me and recognize me, they all want to take a photograph with me. Everybody stops me wherever I’m walking. That makes me feel really good,” she said.

“It’s really difficult to find a girlfriend. They are usually scared of me,” Kosen said.

“Hopefully, now that I’m famous, I’ll be able to meet lots of girls. My dream is to be married.”

Their meeting highlighted their unique perspectives on life and the attention they receive due to their extraordinary heights.

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