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Supreme Court Asked To Help Enforce Minor Surgery Ban

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Idaho filed an emergency request with the Supreme Court asking it to allow the state to enforce its law banning gender-affirming medical treatments for minors.

The law was temporarily blocked by a federal judge in December who said such treatments are supported by medical evidence and have a history of safe use.

Idaho’s law would prevent procedures that block puberty and make it a crime for doctors to provide them, with penalties of up to 10 years in prison.

Idaho’s Attorney General defended the law, saying the state has a duty to protect children from life-altering medical interventions and that denying biological differences hurts kids.

“I’ve witnessed firsthand the devastating consequences of drugs and procedures used on children with gender dysphoria, and it’s a preventable tragedy,” AG Raul Labrador stated.

“The state has a duty to protect and support all children and that’s why I’m proud to defend Idaho’s law that ensures children are not subjected to these life-altering drugs and procedures. Those suffering gender dysphoria deserve love, support, and medical care rooted in biological reality. Denying the basic truth that boys and girls are biologically different hurts our kids. No one has the right to harm children, and, thankfully, we as the state have the power — and duty — to protect them,” he said.

While the Supreme Court has been reluctant previously on such issues, the growing number of legal challenges may prompt it to take up this case to provide clarity on the legal questions surrounding gender-affirming care for minors.

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