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Michael Cohen Predicts Trump’s Conviction

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Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s former attorney, expressed confidence that Trump would be found guilty in the criminal case over hush money payments to Stormy Daniels.

When asked by an CNN anchor if he had any doubt about a conviction, Cohen said the case was simple and should take no more than a month, with far more witnesses for the prosecution than the defense.

CNN’s Erin Burnett asked, “Do you have any doubt that he will be convicted in this case, the hush money case, and Stormy Daniels?”

Cohen replied, “So knowing the cases, I do this is a very simple case and I agree with the judge. This is not even a six-week case.”

“I would say at best it would be a four-week case my understanding is that on the Trump side, they only have one witness and maybe there’s ten on the prosecution. This case could and should be over in a month with a decision,” predicted Trump’s former attorney.

“Do have any question about whether he’ll be convicted?” asked Burnett.

Cohen answered, “Oh, I believe based upon the information that I know and based upon not just the documentary evidence, but the corroborating testimony from so many people, I believe that he will be found guilty on all charges.”

“The jury of Donald’s peers will make the determination not Alvin Bragg. It’s merely his office that brought the case. They brought the case based upon legitimate illegal actions, illegal behavior done by Donald,” he continued.

“So it’s going to be a trial no different than if it was you, me or anybody,” concluded Cohen.

Cohen noted the “documentary evidence” and “corroborating testimony from so many people” indicated to him that Trump would be found guilty on all charges.

He emphasized that it would ultimately be up to a jury, not the district attorney, to make the determination based on Trump’s “illegal actions.”

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