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GoFundMe Addresses Calls To Halt Trump Fundraiser

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GoFundMe is allowing a fundraiser for Trump’s $355 million fine despite criticism.

The fundraiser, started by Elena Cardone, has raised over $500,000. However, experts doubt its effectiveness in covering the fine.

“It’s notable that it has raised less than $0.5m in three days. That won’t even cover the interest he owes,” University of Surrey American politics lecturer Dr. Mark Shanahan said.

“While any decision on whether he has to pay up could well be held up in the appeals process is Trump’s lawyers can find sufficient reason to persuade the judiciary to return his cases to court—by no means a given—he will still have to deposit much of what he owes in escrow. He’ll need much more than faithful MAGAs to meet the court’s demands.”

Trump plans to appeal the verdict.

He criticized the judge and New York Attorney General, calling the ruling unfair.

Supporters echo his sentiments on social media.

“Letitia James weaponized her Office and collaborated with Bidens WhiteHouse to make sure Democrat Activist Judge Erdogan weaponized the Court System,” one person stated.

“No victim. No crime. It takes really twisted Tooth Fairy economics to fantasize a case like this,” another said.

“The case, trial, and judgment against Trump stemming from it is all nonsense. Complete sham!” another wrote.

Trump faces another trial for alleged hush money payments.

Legal experts suggest he will argue the payments were to hide affairs from his spouse, not to deceive voters.

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