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Famous Actor Challenges ‘Woke’ Talking Points on ‘The View’

via FOX 5 Washington DC

Billy Dee Williams was recently interviewed on The View about his career.

When asked questions implying he faced discrimination as a minority, he emphasized the need to work hard and adapt, rather than view himself as a victim.

Sunny Hostin said, “So you did start … in the industry at a time when few people of color were on TV and in movies.”

Williams interjected, “Everybody is a ‘people of color.’”

“Well, a black man,” replied Hostin.

“A brown-skinned man?” asked Williams.

Hostin continued, “Early on you struggled to find work, being offered either stereotypical roles or nothing at all. … Did you ever think about quitting, and if you didn’t, what kept you going?”

“You just live from moment to moment,” answered Williams.

“And do what you have to do and expect things to not always go your way, and you just find ways to be innovative, and you find ways to counter whatever you’re up against and move forward,” added the actor.

He advocated innovating when facing obstacles rather than demanding roles based on race.

Later he jokingly referred to his daughter being excited about gender fluidity due to her liberal views.

The interview highlighted Williams’ refusal to engage in a race-based victimhood narrative and his emphasis on tenacity over helplessness in the face of perceived injustice.

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