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Ex-Trump Org Exec Predicts How Trump Will Capitalize On Fraud Ruling

via Sky News
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Barbara Res, a former top executive in the Trump Organization, discussed Donald Trump’s likely response to the $355 million judgment in his civil fraud trial.

She mentioned that Trump may see it as an opportunity to spin the situation in his favor and gain financially.

“I don’t think he likes getting buffeted around and things being said about him that are so awful,” Res said.

“But I think that he is OK with it to the extent that he can spin it and he’s already started that,” Res added.

Res highlighted Trump’s lack of contrition and suggested that he believes he can escape consequences and profit from the situation.

“I think in his heart he believes, one, he’s gonna get away with it, and two, he can make money off of this somehow, getting more fundraising, more people to feel sorry for him,” Res said.

She also mentioned that Trump’s supporters, including MAGA fans and wealthy individuals, continue to support him despite revelations about his business acumen being debunked.

Res described Trump as a figure who has emboldened people to express racism, xenophobia, and sexism, with some viewing him as a messianic figure.

“They love him for that,” she said, noting that “they believe he’s the second coming.”

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