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Rob Reiner: Trump Is the ‘MouthPiece’ for Christian Nationalists

via CNN
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Filmmaker Rob Reiner argued that former President Donald Trump serves as the “mouthpiece” for the Christian nationalist movement, which he believes poses dangers to both democracy and Christianity.

Reiner said respected Christian figures are frightened by this movement, which he linked to the January 6th insurrection.

“They’re not right-wing, they’re not left wing, they’re not anything except Donald Trump,” Reiner said.

He warned that through Trump’s advocacy, the United States could easily slip into a theocratic autocracy governed by those who view it as a white Christian nation.

In Reiner’s view, the Christian nationalist movement is political rather than religious, seeking only power, and with Trump as its spokesman it aims to ride this movement back to the White House.

“There are very conservative Christian evangelicals, pastors, very respected people in the Christian community, that are frightened of this Christian nationalist movement. They are not only frightened about it hurting democracy, but Christianity itself. And we show in the film that this movement was the foundation for January 6. They were the moving elements that made January 6 and the insurrection happened. Now, we have a Speaker of the House who is an avowed Christian nationalist,” he said.

“Donald Trump is more than happy to be there mouthpiece. We see this connection,” Reiner said.

“We can slip into an autocracy very easily. You hear this all the time on your show and many other shows, but the fight right now as between whether or not we preserve our democracy or we slip into a theocratic autocracy. That’s what this movement wants. They believe that this is a white Christian nation. That’s what it should be. And that’s what we bring out in the film. And they’re not only poisoning democracy, they’re also poisoning Christianity,” he said.

“This is not a religious movement. this is a political movement that is after sheer power. That’s the fear that they have this mouthpiece, and he is going to ride this or he’s going to try to ride this all the way to the White House.”

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