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Democrats Make Bold Move To Provide Migrants with Health Insurance

via CBS
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Virginia Democrats have advanced a bill called the “Cover All Kids” Act that aims to provide taxpayer-funded comprehensive health care coverage to uninsured illegal immigrants under 19 years old.

This legislation was passed in the state senate on a party-line vote and has faced criticism from Republicans who argue it incentivizes illegal immigration and diverts resources from legal residents.

State Sen. Glen Sturtevant said, “Because of President Biden’s open-border policy, every state is now a border state––including Virginia.”

“Meanwhile, Virginia Democrats in the General Assembly are making every effort to undermine legal immigration and incentivize illegal immigration into the commonwealth,” explained the lawmaker.

“This session, Virginia Democrats have introduced bills that directly incentivize illegal immigration,” Sturtevant warned.

“They want to grant illegal immigrants driver’s licenses that are valid for up to eight years. Now, they’re also working to divert limited resources from low-income Virginians to pay for healthcare for illegal immigrants. That will cost Virginia taxpayers more than $100 million just in this decade,” he continued.

Sturtevant said, “These bad policies jeopardize not just Virginia’s healthcare system but create perverse incentives that illegal immigrants will see as a green light to travel to Virginia for free schooling, driver’s licenses, and now, free healthcare.”

“We have seen the mess that sanctuary city policies have created in places like Chicago and New York. We must protect the rule of law in Virginia and ensure that Virginia citizens come first,” declared the state senator.

The bill would extend coverage to uninsured illegal immigrants at 205% of the federal poverty level, with proponents arguing that access to health care is a human right.

Virginia state Sen. Ghazala Hashmi said, “Health care is a human right, and we know how vital access to care is to a child’s health, well-being, and development.”

She added, “With this legislation, we are making a commitment to Virginia’s families that all children will have access to essential health care.”

If approved by the House of Delegates, the bill would go to Governor Glenn Youngkin for final approval.

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