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Bob Costas’ Controversial Take On Trans Athletes

via Graham Bensinger

Sports broadcaster Bob Costas voiced opposition to transgender women competing in women’s sports, calling the idea “crazy” and saying it lacks common sense.

He argued that if the worst male NBA player switched to the WNBA, they would dominate due to physical advantages from male puberty.

While supportive of personal identity, Costas criticized boxing policies letting biological men fight biological women.

“If someday the best player in the WNBA can play in the NBA, everybody would applaud,” said Costas.

“But if the worst guy at the end of the bench on the worst team in the NBA went to the WNBA and averaged 40 points a game, everybody knows that’s [expletive],” he continued.

“It’s not transphobic to say, ‘Let’s inject some common sense here,'” requested the sports broadcaster.

Writer Caitlin Flanagan agreed, noting the profound physiological differences between sexes in sports and that transgender male athletes are not prominent in men’s leagues.

Caitlin Flanagan said, “Women’s and girls’ sports … they’re that way because of the profound [physical] sex differences between the sexes.”

“You don’t hear about any trans male athletes on a D1 basketball team, it’s the trans women who seem to be using a natural advantage that comes from sex-linked traits,” she continued.

Both emphasized the perceived unfair advantage transgender women may have due to retained biological traits from male puberty.

They contend this could compromise the integrity of fair competition in women’s sports.

Their view is that policies should inject more common sense by acknowledging inherent sex-linked physical disparities.

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