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VP Harris: Trump Is ‘Bowing Down’ to Putin

via PBS
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Vice President Kamala Harris criticized former President Donald Trump for his actions towards Russian President Vladimir Putin, stating that Trump’s words and actions were unprecedented and concerning.

Harris emphasized the need for bipartisan support in Congress to address the issue, expressing optimism about potential actions being taken.

“We need to do our part, and we have been very clear that the United States Congress must act,” Harris said.

“I will say that one point that gives me some level of optimism is we are clear in the knowledge that there is bipartisan support both in the Senate, which we have seen a demonstration of, and in the House. So let’s put this to a vote in the House. I am certain that it will pass.”

“Do you think that Vladimir Putin has been emboldened by what Donald Trump said about NATO and about Putin?” Mitchell said.

“I mean, the idea that the former president of the United States would say that he, quote, encourages, encourages a brutal dictator to invade our allies and that the United States of America would simply stand by and watch,” Harris said.

“No previous United States president, regardless of their party, has bowed down to a Russian dictator before. And now we are seeing an example, something I just believe that the American people would never support which is a United States president current or former bowing down with those kinds of words and apparently an intention of conduct to a Russian dictator.”

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